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PRESSOR, designer and specialist of waste treatment equipment, since 1985

Our Refurbishing Activity

By its own activity and those of its customers, PRESSOR has a parc of refurbished machines that enables it to offer an alternative solution to the purchase or lease of new equipment.


The refurbishing of the machines proposed by PRESSOR is made in its factory in Angerville, and is fully integrated into the traditional assembly lines.


For each equipment returned to our stock, a reception sheet is established.


When a machine is reassigned after estimate accepted, the following procedure is applied :

→ Disassembly

→ Washing, sanding,

→ Reassembly with exchange of estimated parts,

→ Adaptation according to existing configuration

→ Paint, finishes,

→ Trials.

Machine à reconditionnement

Most of the time, refurbished machines are reassigned in a different configuration of the original one.

In this case, new options are adapted to match the existing installation.
machine à reconditionnement

A non-exhaustive list of equipment proposed for sale is available.

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