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PRESSOR, designer and specialist of waste treatment equipment, since 1985

Vertical balers

PRESSOR markets a full range of VERTICAL BALERS semi-automatic to allow the treatment of waste such as cardboard, plastics, crates, cans, PET bottles, HDPE, and any other packaging materials.

The bales produced by the compression of these materials can weigh up to 500 kg.

The strapping of a bale is made easily and manually by the front.

presse à balles verticales

The advantages of the baling are :

TIME SAVING         : The compaction at source reduces the number of handlings within the company.

SPACE SAVING       : Takes up less ground space

ECONOMY                : The baling reduces transportation costs.


SAFETY                    : Enables you to correctly stock the waste, while limiting the potential fire hazards


VALORIZATION      : the waste sorted and baled are considered as raw materials, sellable to companies of waste collection.

Opening loading (mm)
Average weight of one bale (depending on material) (kg)
Cycle duration (s)
Engine power (kW)

Possible configurations
Our research office specifically studies the customers expectations : hypermarkets, supermarkets, shopping malls, professionals of recycling, various industries, etc. ...

Many configurations are available.

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Below, some of our most sold machines.
presses à balles verticales

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