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PRESSOR, designer and specialist of waste treatment equipment, since 1985

Portable compactors on truck for waste collection

For twenty years, PRESSOR developed a range of equipment more specially designed for local municipalities, professionals of waste treatment :

- Portable compactors on truck
- Stationary compactors for transfer stations

Industrial waste pre-sorted can be economically delivered to the sorting centers.

These compactors are mainly used for selective collection.

This type of compactor works from the truck hydraulic system.

It is operated by the truck driver using a radio remote control.

Its use can streamline the operation of equipment and vehicles. In fact, the truck which transports the compactor, can be used, after, to move other equipment as containers, portable standard compactors, skips containers...

for EUROCONTAINERS (capacity 3 or 5m³)
and/or wheelie bins (complying with Din standard, capacity from 660 to 1000 liters)
Collecteur avec Basculateur intégré
The EUROCONTAINER (capacity 3 or 5 m³) is the traditional option for this compactor.
 Capacity 5 m³
 Capacity 3 m³
PORTABLE COMPACTORS on truck, for outdoor recycling bins collect

This special portable compactor is dedicated to collect outdoor recycling bins, buried or not.

It can be equipped with the following additional options:
- Hopper cover with hydraulic opening system
- “2D” flap for waste precompacting

Collecteur à Colonnes
PORTABLE COMPACTORS on truck for outdoor recycling bins and rear loading

Upon request of one partner-customer, our Research Department researched and developed a specific range for each collecting type :

-          for outdoor recycling bins

-          with rear loading

Collecteur et Basculeur à Colonnes

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