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PRESSOR, designer and specialist of waste treatment equipment, since 1985

Horizontal balers

PRESSOR markets a full range of semi-automatic and automatic HORIZONTAL BALERS to allow the valorization of waste such as cardboard, plastics, crates, cans, PET bottles, and any other packaging materials.

The bales produced by the compression of these materials can weigh;

-          between 50 and 600 kg for the semi-automatic balers

-          between 80 and 2 000 kg for the automatic balers.

The weight and the size of the bales are adapted to the different specifications of the recycling companies and contribute to the cost optimization, for any mean of transportations (by route, by sea, by rail,…).

The HORIZONTAL BALERS we sell, are compatible with all feeding systems  : wheelie bin lifters, conveyor, hopper under pneumatic feeding, and can be equipped with a shredder, with a perforator for plastic bottle, etc

Many configurations are available.

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Main users :

Supermarket chains, industries, local communities, manufacturers of paper and cardboard, the professionals of recycling, etc...

Our RANGE - The most requested machines
Loading opening (mm)
Average bale weight (depending on material) (kg)
Cycle duration/min
Force (t)
Engine power (kW)

Our recommendations are based on customer specifications, technically considered by our research department to determine the best solution. All criteria are taken into account : environmental constraints, valorization means, existing systems of waste treatment, the budget , ... etc

Traitements des cartons
Traitements des cartons
Treatment of cardboard
Traitements des cartons
Treatment of plastic bottles
Traitements des bouteilles
Treatment of wood chips
Traitements des copeaux

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